Budget Pro is a very easy to use but very robust software program geared for multi-unit franchisees or retailers. Built by a Retail Insider this program is affordable and the ROI is quick within one month time. Budgeting is typically very difficult to do in excel. consolidating multiple spreadsheets is a pain and tough to

Most small businesses do not budget. They usually don’t know how and that means they don’t know how to predict their monthly cash flow. A good budget includes a Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement. The Small Business Development Center has employed me for over a year helping small business owners

Many of my clients in the retail space ride the highs and lows of operating the business. Using the above ten steps consistently will help them reach peak performance.

All retailers take markdowns but rarely do they take them at the right time. Most would take them too late in the season and as a result are reducing inventory at 75-90% off instead of 30-50% off. The best retailers are quick to markdown when goods are not selling in the first 60 days. Any

From 2004 to 2009 I worked for a multi-store specialty retailer in NYC. Every Monday we would review the last week’s sales and determine the following Strategy: RTV (return to vendors for slow selling goods) Best Selling and Slow sellers which led us to re-merchandise or increase our markdowns Replenishment strategy and which stores needed