• No Setup Time

    All your reporting and templates are built and ready to go. Reduce your budgeting time by 60-80% by not having to set up numerous excel worksheets with password protection, formula linking, data entry cells, color coding, etc.

  • Easy Reporting

    All Budget Templates roll into a consolidated view with no formula errors. Easy import and export of data with Easy import and export of data between your Accounting and Budget Pro software. Share monthly budget to actual comparisons for all users for all locations instantly.

  • Allowing Multiple Users while still Controlling Data

    Be able to spread the workload and control the distribution of information to users. No more sharing unnecessary financial information with the wrong user. Get back control over the budget process. All reporting is filtered to just the categories you want users to see.

  • Insightful Data Analytics & Comparisons

    Analyze your data across multiple groups, categories, departments or locations. Learn which percentages are off or where savings and waste is occurring. See data in dollars or percent, by channel or by Comp, non-Comp or both instantly. Use your time to analyze the budget instead of building the budget.

More Benefits

  • Modeling – Our budget templates are already built for you and perfectly match your chart of accounts and Profit and Loss reporting. Reports are already built and viewable in excel. No more painstaking setting up cells, worksheets, and workbooks to create your reporting structures. Save 50-80% of your time budgeting by not spending time setting up the templates.
  • Scalability – handle unlimited data while data integrity is never compromised. Spreadsheets cannot guarantee the integrity of your data. When your needs grow or change the excel template is in jeopardy. Think of additions to your chart of accounts.
  • Formulas – formula free reporting and Calculations that are always right. In excel, flawed logic in Macros and Formulas are time consuming to detect with no assurance that future changes will be properly calculated.
  • Data Integrity and Accuracy – Administrator control data and assumptions that are entered/used. Validates information and ensures integrity. In excel any cell can contain any kind of data, causing inconsistencies. No protection against human error or data corruption.
  • Ownership & Accountability – Everyone becomes a stakeholder vs just one person. In excel, the budget is usually owned by one person and becomes useless if that person is unavailable or leaves the organization. Now you can use the cloud to have your team help you budget.
  • Security – Control access to sensitive data and limit users to their area of responsibility. Manage Workflow of users and roles. In excel, administrator must build passwords on cells, worksheets or workbooks to avoid user mistakes and keep unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive data.
  • Collaboration and Workflow – Increases security of plan data allowing multiple users to access from multiple locations. Makes it easier to share information. Users can enter data and manage their portion of the plan based on security access. Administrators can oversee progress. In excel, users can’t update the same page at the same time which creates need for multiple worksheets which makes breaking the model unavoidable – causing hours to find and fix the error.
  • Consolidation – Data is dynamically consolidated in real time. Easily create reports. No batch processes to run or individual files to be managed. In excel, Excruciatingly manual process. Consolidating multiple worksheets or workbooks together is time consuming, difficult and prone to error. Differences in assumptions from different managers can often mean conflicting data.
  • Documentation – Intuitive interface helps new users instantly learn program whereas Excel has no documentation on how to use. How do you teach a new person to manage it.
  • Reporting – Built in PL out of the box and reliable. Excel is time consuming to set up and maintain and inability to be 100% confident in the accuracy of all formulas and results
  • ERP/ General Ledger Integration – Synchronize with any G/L structure enforcing your Chart of Accounts. Reports can’t break. In excel, no enforcement of Chart of Accounts, new departments/report view breaks, allocations of variances.